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"...The guests at our wedding never stopped dancing! "

— Kathleen M.

Imagine — The moment has arrived.
Your special day is here.  This is the event that promises to live forever in the hearts and minds of all who attend. As you arrive, the excitement builds from within.  The pulse of the rhythm grows stronger with each step you take, now keeping time to the beat.


The doors open.  Your mind is filled with the captivating sounds of celebration.  Cameras flash, storming you from everywhere, but your eyes are focused on the ambient glow, casting vivid hues of color carefully selected to complement the decor.

As you turn to gaze upon the crowd, your attention is drawn to the High-Definition displays, presenting all the wonder that surrounds you. The overwhelming crescendo of Music fills the room.  Your heart dances, filled with amazement.

You've entered an entirely new realm. This is the moment you've been waiting for.  It's everything you always dreamed it would be.

An experience as unique and wonderful as this can only be called... INtense.

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