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Frequently  Asked  Questions

Q.  How much do you charge? 

A.  We have a wide range of prices. It is best to schedule an appointment with one of our event coordinators to determine what works best for you, style and budget wise.  Knowing that each event has its own personality, we can custom create your dream affair together. 

Q.  Do you require a deposit to hold a specific date? 
A.  Yes.  A contract must be signed along with a deposit which will be determined on the amount of your custom package. 


Q.  Is INtense Entertainment insured?
A.  Yes.  We are fully insured and members of N.A.M.E (National Association of Mobile Entertainers) 


Q.  What type of events do you specialize in? 
A.  There is no event that we can't handle.  All of our DJs/MCs are extremely talented with years of experience for all types of occasions.  However, INtense Entertainment is well known for our weddings. 

Q.  Do you cater to Ethnic events? If so, do you offer Bi-lingual MCs? 
A.  Yes.  We are all accomplished to perform at any multi-cultural event. Upon request, our MCs are fluent in languages such as Italian, Spanish, etc.


Q.  We are planning a Wedding, how much should we budget for our DJ entertainment?
A.  "The entertainment you choose for your wedding is responsible for 80% of the event's success and the memories you will have for the rest of your life" says Martha Stewart.  It's important to consider this when
planning the budget for your event.

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